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Thanks for the good advice. When I pondered over you response, I came to realize that not one of these mechanics have checked the "roundness" of the tires or the "trueness" of the rims. They always go straight for the suspension and make suggestions as to what parts(s) they want to replace (even if they have just been reciently replaced).

Is the dealer a good place to have the tires and rims checked or do you think I am better off at an independent tire dealer? The reason I ask is that I immediately went to the MBNZ website and found that one of the dealers in my area is offering a special on balancing/rotation and alignment. $99 for the alignment and $48 for the balancing and rotation (usually $149 and $75). And it just happens to be the only MB dealer out of the three in my area that I have any trust in whatsoever.

Again, thanks for the advise

Brian Roche
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