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pete romprey
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Re: Further Clarification...

Originally posted by longston
The wood is supposed to be glued to a metal panel that backs it. You can go to the DIY section here and see pictures of a similar, but not the same dash set-up for a W-124 chassis. The W-126 (our cars) are very different, but you can see how the wood is backed by metal...

The switches you need are availaiblre right here at FastLane (link at top of page) for the following prices, under the following part #'s:

Hazard Flasher Switch 000 820 90 10 $17.31

Antenna Switch 002 820 99 10 $14.88

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scott you are the man !!!!!!!!! this site is like a god send for me I will be here every day I did not know how much stuff was for sale here.Can you tell me should i reinstall my hood pad it is missing? pete
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