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Falstaff Lives!!!!

I just saw a 12-pack the other day for $3.99... And do you mean, Pabst Blue Ribbon? Same Price!

Frankly, I see little comparison between beer and "rear suspension Hydraulic fluid" (whyd'ja capitalize "hydraulic"?), unless you're talkin' about some of that East Indian, or Phillipine swill...

Personally, I prefer a good amber ale microbrew, but this was all covered in a previous thread in Open Discussion.

I also suggest an open and frank discussion without all of the nasty little tricks to get people who have no interest in hydraulic fluid you can't rent to respond to your thread. But I suppose it's kinda like I suggested to a garage band once, "the best name for you guys would be "free beer & naked girls", because with the music you play, that's the only way you'll ever get an audience"...
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