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About a year ago, my "blower motor" stop briefly. After getting gas and restarting the car, the blow wouldn't blow and hence the a/c wouldn't cool. Got put checked everything, fiddled around for about 5 min , got back in fired er' up and voila', the air came back on. It didn't sputter again until today. O was crusing down the road with the blower on high and decided to turn it to low. Noticed it started to get warm in the car.Put my hand in front of the vents and felt faint cool air. Clicked bach to HIGH and nothing! Started frantically click buttons like a man whose O2 was running out but still nothing. As bullets of sweat began to pour from my brow I was reduced to "rolling down the windows" like some commoner.Kept clicking buttons and again VOILA', A/C!!! Made a stop, fired er' back up and again air. I made another stop, restared the car, BUT this time and the next time and the next time no air and still no air. HELP!!!I serviced the blower motor maybe 3 months ago(Its squealed like a hamster wheel) so I think the motor is okay. Is it the switch?? Anyone ever experienced this in their MB or their dealing with an MB?? Its Hot and Humid in Houston guys, please help me out!!

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