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Those are good prices for those services and I would take them up on them. However, they may not be the place to go for the other services. Here's the thing, if you have the rotation/balance/alignment work done at the dealer and everything is OK, then you're done. If you still have a problem, then you have a reliable baseline of what's been done and maybe they can recommend a tire shop that will be able to do the other diagnostic and fine tuning work, assuming they don't do that sort of thing. A shop that supports/services high performance sports cars and race cars may be able to do the truing work. If the problem is determined to be the wheels, the tires will need to come off for the work to be performed, but the diagnostic work can probably be done at the dealer with a dial indicator gauge. Ask them about it and see what they say. Hope this solves your problems.

Down the road, I'd question the thoroughness of a shop that replaces suspension bushings on one side only. The correct thing to do is replace both sides at the same time. I'm also puzzled by the choice of shocks, since Bilstein comfort shocks are the way to go.

In any event, a vibration that starts or gets noticeably worse at 55+ is a classis symptom of balance problems, and your trip to the dealer may take care of the whole thing.

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