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So what's an Evo1

Mmm. Thanks for the valuable information.

It seems the vehicle I have has certain of the traits you mention:
- it looks identical to the photos on the link posted by Dr. Fuentes. Same colour, body kit etc
- it has hydropneumatic shocks on all four wheels
but it definately has a 2.3 16V engine and two piston calipers. I can't comment on the mags/rims because they are not the standard ones.

The car is in South Africa and is a left-hand drive so I suspect it came direct from Germany (we drive on the right hand side).

It is registered as a 1985 model so, judging from another Italian web site I just found, it cannot be an Evo1 because these only started production in 1987. For info, I paid the equivalent of $7000 for it.
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