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Old 05-30-2001, 08:01 AM
dan buldini
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I just bought a 96 C220. Since it had less than 24k on it I thought I was getting a great deal.
It had a 30 day guarantee and within two weeks something up front decided to start whining. Especially at startup in the morning. I mean it whines; and at engine speed. Very objectionable in the lower gears where it is not masked by other noise.
Sounds like a bearing going bad. The dealer first said it was normal for a four cylinder engine. Next time in he said we do not know what it is drive it until something breaks.
Does that sound like the average Mercedes dealer?
Guys with all your experience with these cars; has anyone got an idea what this could be. I put my stethoscope, machinery type, to it and only the power steering pump sounded like it was grinding. Some guys say it has to be the belt but even dressing doesn't help. I'll change it if it would help. How do I get that thing off? Do I need a tool to hold the Gas Spring down?

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