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Weird! This is the third instance I know of this in the past two weeks. The first was mine when the rear muffler dropped down, caught on the pavement and knocked off the bumper. When I went to pick up a new muffler the shop had a FAX from another customer with the same problem. Anyway, the problem seems to be that the channels holding the bumper on are broken. The bumper is a cast aluminum U-section. At the back of the shocks is a square rubber block which slides into cast in channels in the bumper. On mine, the bottom channels were broken off in some previous encounter that I was not aware of. I guess it was just hanging by the top channels. I cleaned everything thoroughly and reattached the bumper to the shocks with silicone adhesive. A more permanent fix that I may try is to cut some short pieces of aluminum angle and attach them inside the bumper with countersunk, flat head screws through the bottom of the bumper (to restore the channels). You would never see it (since the bumper is 1/4" thick)and a new one is approx $800 wholesale.
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