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hehe good one brian.

I agree that changing it ona regular basis is key, mileage will vary but regularity is what I look to do with my oil, regardlessof mileage.

If I hit 3k before I hit 3-4 months, I change it, if I hit 2k in 3-4 months (highly unlikely for me) I still change it.

I generally use thicker oil here in southern cali, because temps are usually quite warm.

I agree that breaking in oil is one of the strangest things I have heard, and oil has been discussed here so often, we could probably make a seperate forum just for oil. hehe

On another note, I agree with Larry about changing it hot and often, because it is the only way to clean the crank case without openeing up the engine.

Since I got my topsider, I will be doing the topside method most often, but will do the "let it drain overnight method" of larry's at least once a year, to get out some extra sludge.

On another note, My boat has never had frequent oil changes, but it still runs great, In fact I change the oil in it probably once a year, and in 17 years have only put 435 hours on the boat. But then again, The boat sits for several months every year, and I always change it before I take it out the first time for the year, and I will sometimes change it after the season if I have used it more often. But I generally only get to take it out 4 times during the summer anyway. I never run the boat with the oil that has been sitting for several months, and I usually change it, Drain it, and change it again before starting it up the first time to make sure I got out the crud. Of course the oil in the boat since I changed it on saturday is perfectly golden in color as it should be, and it is quite thick 15W40 I think, but you need it thick with a high revving 260 hp mercruiser engine.

But be rest assured if I used the boat more often, I'd change it more often. The boat does not see the same daily driving that my car does, so the car gets frequent, hot oil changes while the boat gets a yearly change.

Like I said beofre, do what makes you feel comfortable.

I feel comfortable following Larry's Advice and Recommendations for oil, methods of changing it, and frequency of change, so I will go by whatever he tells me to do about my oil.

One last thing, and as always, take the old broken in oil to an oil recycling place.

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