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OK!!, everything is done...

Stopped by my local independant tech this afternoon, and he let me borrow the breaker bar. I did it myself in front of the shop due to him being a busy tech (free of charge). My tech is a cool guy and he lets me borrow tools and stuff. Anyways, the breaker bar did it. That sucker popped right off. I followed everyones instructions on alligning the wheel, connecting connections, etc, and it came out perfect. I did apply locktite to the nut when reinstalling, so everything feels nice and tight without any vibrations. I cant tell you what it means to have brand new leather underneath your hands instead of that cheap rubber MB used, although my previous wheel had a leather wrap on it. This was fairly an easy job only if you have the right tools.


I bought the stock LEATHER steering wheel which currently uses the existing airbag. This is the steering wheel that came from 1986 up until 1991, which I believe was only available in leather for the CE's. In 1992 they changed the style, which is the airbag you have in your car. I was thinking about getting the post 92 steering wheel and airbag, but it was very expensive. I actually found a place in CA which sells the post 92 steering wheel for $125 used, but that wasnt the problem. The main problem was getting the airbag, which they were asking $400 for. Everywhere I looked the post 92 airbag was going for over $400--so i figured it wasnt worth it. I waited and waited for a couple of weeks on e-bay to see if an airbag would pop up for cheap--but no luck. One day browsing e-bay, I found a guy on e-bay auctioning off leather wrapped steering wheels for the w124. I won the auction, and the wheel came out to $86+$10 S/H. So for $96, having a new leather wrapped steering is not bad at all, considering places like performance products selling you leather wraps for about $45. I believe this guy still has pre-92 leather wrapped steering wheels available for the w124. He goes by the name of l.a brooks and he mostly sells MB parts. I was also thinking about getting a wood/leather wheel, but the prices are ridiculous, so I scratched that out. Basically, all this surfing and searching I've been doing for the past couple of months has finally paid off--im' totally satisfied. I want to thank everyone again for helping me with this and appreciated all your comments/tips. If it wasnt for this site I'd be a much poorer man....

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