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Hi guys,

Im 20 and I live in Sydney, Australia. I bought my first Mercedes when I was 16. It was a 1982 W126 280SE. I had it for a short time and decided to buy a 1991 Audi 90 Sport, with the 5 cylinder engine. Ever since I have had this car, I have had nothing but trouble. Everything problem has suddenly risen. It needs a new wheel bearing on the front left side, the fuel distributor needs replacing and the automatic transmission needs to be replaced as well. My mechanic which is also a friend of mine told me I should sell it because it will cost around $5000 to get fixed in total. I am not prepared to do this.

My parents want me to buy another Mercedes because they are very safety conscious, since my dad had a massive accident in his 1986 W124 230TE.

Both my parents have a mercedes each, dad now has a 1989 300TE and mum has a 1998 ML320. They are both great cars and dad's 300 is bloody quick.

So, what I am asking your advice is, what the hell should i buy? I am considering a 190E 2.6, or a 300E. I dont want to have a car with a zillion problems again I just want to be able to drive the car with minimal fuss. Is that a big ask?

My dad seems to have luck, his car has the equivalent in miles of 420,000 and the car runs perfectly and he has never had problems.

What should I buy?
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