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Thank you, Gentlemen; for all your input on my 190D...

Tuesday, July 26th
I want to thank all of you kind Gentlemen that have responded to my plea
for assistance in getting my 190D going. I've had an unfortunate occurrence
that has had me preoccupied, and I apologize for the delay in getting back to this forum to thank you and to let you guys know what I have tried in
the effort to start my 190D. I had a growth removed from my left eyelid, and the biopsy came back as cancer - now they want to "go back in" and
remove additional tissue and to see how invasive the cancer is, so I am really freaked and devastated by the possible ramifications. I was informed about the biopsy results the morning after I read Mr. Haiges' response, so I
have not been back to the car since then. I intend to resume work on it
this week if I can, and will try all the things you kind folks suggested to me
and report back to the forum.
Thank you again; Michaela
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