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Another yet issue about Mobil 1 ? I think it's an emotional issue to most of you guys. Since MB recommends Mobil 1,(only because of the contract) everybody thinks it's the best. Mobil 1 was "found" (developed) years back and never changed or improved. Castrol only recently came up with Syntec, its active formula and it sure is better. I called Mobil hot line, and they had nothing spectacular to say about it. Sorry maybe except that lots of companies use it and it's in most stores. So what does it mean ? It's all matter of promotions, contracts and rebates that oil distributing companies are getting from Mobil 1
Castrol in my opinion, does not have to advertise it's product. It is known to most people all over the world and especially in Europe. I always used Syntec and now I use their newest product "Magnatec" which I bet is way better than Mobil 1. Castrol Magnatec gives you the ultimate protection. For references please check Castrol's web site, read a little and come up with your own conclusion.
ps. Do you really see what they put in your crankcase ???
I hope, I didn't upset anyone.
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