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I’ve found a couple of good candidates for purchase, an ’84 and an ’85 300SD. They are both California versions, and that has me concerned.

After searching & reading numerous threads, it seems that there are some significant differences between these two model years and the earlier versions of the 300SD. I am aware of the unique (expensive) air filter needed on the 1985, as well as an apparently unique transmission pan gasket. I am curious as to why the transmission gasket is different if the car utilizes the same basic 4 speed automatic as the earlier cars – or have there been some significant internal changes in that transmission?

The unique pollution control setup is another concern. California, surprisingly enough, does not require that diesel powered cars be periodically inspected for compliance with smog regulations. I am aware of the trap oxidizer that has been (or should be) eliminated by the dealer. Someone wrote about the boost being computer controlled on these cars instead of the simpler early setup. Unfortunately, that post was lost on the day the Server crashed. Does anyone know if these cars would respond favorably to reverting them back to the simpler boost control setup used on earlier cars? Or am I overly concerned about all of this, and they are just fine just the way they are?

It seems that there are many differing opinions about these cars. I would really love for you knowledgeable people out there to give me your feedback or experiences with these late model California 617.95X engines & transmissions.

Thanks again to everyone!

P.S. – Thanks for hanging in there with me during the last couple of weeks – I’m sorry if I’ve been a pain in the exhaust manifold
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