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I realize this is not the proper forum for this question but I am hoping some of the mechanics reply so I can see both sides.

I brought a 1991 420SEL with 150k to a MB indie MB shop for a pre-purchase inspection. Their inspection concluded that various and assorted items/repairs were needed, the smallest being a muffler hanger, the largest a major front brake job. Their opinion was solid car good price.

I bought the car and started to educate myself via this forum. The more I read the more I feared the timing chain. I called the owner of the shop who said "don't worry they give plenty of warning". After a few days I went to the shop and asked/begged that they check the guides, he said "it's real tough to do, wait until we need to perform a major service and we'll check then" I stopped driving the car.

Over the weekend I read all the patinate posts and found I need only remove the valve cover to get an idea of the condition of the guides.

Cut to the chase.....

The guides were a beautiful amber color, one even had a crack.

The car required chain, tensioner, guides plus valve seals and a power steering hose.

Had I been aware of these problems, at the time of purchase, I could have negotiated a lower price or passed
on the car.

My questions are,

Shouldn't an MB shop that is aware of the 420's history with Tchains do an inspection that includes it?

Should I ask that they pay some of the repair cost? Should I ask that they just refund their fee? Should I just chalk it up to experience and move on?

Thanks for all opinions.
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