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HI , RE -1988 190E -160,000 miles
I'm burning oil at the rate of a quart every 100-200 miles.... I had a leakdown test done, results as follows:-
#1=30%;#2=40%; #3=35%; #4=40%
My question; is it worth replacing valve seals, to see if it will reduce oil consumption to a resonable level, or would this be useless, I don't know any history of this car. obviously the rings are allowing some blow-by, but isn't this a lot of oil to pass? performance is fine.I havn't done a compressiom test yet, would this show whether the valve guides had been done , etc. possibly adding to oil loss thru higher compression?..
Regards to all. Jonathan
1987 420 SEL-140,000
1988 190E - 160,000
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