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I know, it's harder than a simple attachment!
Ok, well first of all, you need to find some free webspace (many have been listed in this post), then you need to upload your pictures to that webspace.
The rest of the info is in the FAQ of Mercedesshop. But to sum it up:

When you get your pictures uploaded, copy the link of your picture into your post (ie..., or whatever it may be), and put [img.] in front of it and [/img.] behind it.

EXAMPLE: [img.][/img.]

NOTE: Disregard the periods, '.' in the img brackets, I did that because it would post a blank pic otherwise.

It takes a little time, but it's not that bad.
Just first get some free webspace, and then look in the FAQ for detailed info on how to post the pix.

PS: I am going to make my sig pix smaller soon!

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