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Just as I was about to get molested by a dealer, I came across the recent thread about a Trans leak on a 300E. The dealer wanted to do a complete Trans gasket kit replacement. I crawled under the car and sure enough, the leak was coming from the round flat plate above the Trans pan. I am looking for information on where I can get a replacement for my '88 300E. In addition, I noticed that there is a similar looking part at the front of the engine, passenger side and it is in what appears to be the timing chain assembly. It is leaking oil. Does anyone know what part that is and where I can find a replacement for it? When I say timing chain assembly, I could be mistaken. The part is located between the radiator and the engine block and looks exactly like the round plate (With an allen notch) where the B-1 reaction valve is. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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