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I have a 1976 280SL EURO. It has electronic fuel injection. I know that it did not come this way new. Everything is mercedes original components on the fuel injection system. I have been trying to find out more about this system as I have a problem with the engine cutting out under a load. The ignition checks out good on the scope and has new spark plugs,wires,distributor cap, rotor and points. I am pretty sure it is not getting the proper fuel under loads or higher RPM. the fuel pressure was 25 psi on the rail. It runs better when I raise the rail pressure up to 40 psi. The system has no air flow meter, but has a rheostat type throttle position sensor. I have three Chilton shop manuals from early 70's to 85, on Mercedes, but can not find this particular system. I am sure this engine has been modified.
Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.
here are the specs that I have on this car.
vin # 107 042 12 001040
Eng.# 110 982 12 001584
Fuel injection ECU unit # 0 280 001 015
Dose anyone know when this ECU unit was used on the 110 DOHC engines. Help, Boyd

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