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well, i took the cheap route-

i had to clean the fenders and winshield wiper area, they had alot of oil dots on them(on a white car! diesel oil spots!!!)

i used some laundry degreaser my mom uses on my garage clothes and they wiped right off the fenders(and that stubborn spot on the door--it was a light grey from all the fingerprints!)

i used two cans of ether to clean the engine-- no wiping=) i rinsed with the garden hose and didnt warm the engine, it was stone cold from sitting overnight. i still have alot of clean up to do! boy i wont make that mistake in the near future again!

btw: i noticed the a/c compressor was some crazy brand remanufactured unit while i was unde cleaning it. it wasnt either of the two brands that are usually mentioned here. thats just an aside, though.
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