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I don't have any formal training, just a little mechanical inclination. When I was in highschool I had a '79 CJ-7 and took it apart from top to bottom, mostly out of necessity as they are a train wreck and curiosity. I was a little nervous but no worries. With this forum, a manual and about 12 hours I got it done. I replaced everthing in the head except the timing chain and the timing gear. I mean everything. It all came from the Fastlane and I would say about $950 or so in parts. The machine shop resurfaced the face, put in the valve guides, valves, springs, and cleaned it. ($165) Not bad, I thought. I hope yours doesn't go too. It is a pain but now I figure the worst is behind me. We bought our car in November from some slap who obviously put the screws to us. He said "the rear windows don't work, I don't know why". I figured a wire or switch or something like that. Nope, I took the door panel off last weekend. There is a 2X4 wedged in holding up the windows. Gotta love it. Tomorrow begins the exploration to see what is really wrong with it. Thanks for the comments on the pix. I just thought it was neat and if someone can benefit from it great. Although this car has been alot of work I am glad we bought it. I love it. They really do ride like no other car.
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