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1987 300sdl climate control problems

Just returned from a 2000 mile trip. The car did great and the AC worked perfectly in the 100 degree heat. On the way home it began to rain and I adjusted the climate control to keep the windshield defrosted and the AC began to blow hot air no matter how I adjusted it.

If I shut the car off for a minute, the ac would work fine, but when the engine speed increased hot air would blow. I know that there is a vacum problem, and I have searched the forum for answers. I also discovered that the AC will work fine in the 'defrost' position. The temp wheel still works, the 'auto' button works fine, but cold air only when the 'defrost' button is pushed. All other buttons result in very hot air from the vents.

I would like your opinion as to the problem most likely being the push button unit; the ACC aspirator motor; the vacum pod near the steering column or something else. Actually, I have both heat and air, just not in the correct positions. I had also had problems with cooled air 'leaking' out the defrost vents causing the windshield to fog in the past, but I don't think that was a significant problem.

You guys are great !
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