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Thanks again for all the help. So here is what I understand for a California 91 300E (3.0 liters)
Mr. Klasse, thanks for the OVP tip, can you please elaborate on the OVP? what is it? its function?
The codes are:
13- air temp sensor
14- vehicle speed signal as read by CFI/n3 is faulty.
Additional info on unpredictable turn-offs is that for the most part they occur at slow speeds and while turning, ie: after a red light, into a driveway, etc. No warning at all. Al this might have followed after the most weird thing happenned to this car: I stopped a little harder than usual and the engine started to miss like a threw a rod or something, it limped for two miles missing so bad I thought I would break a piston. After two miles, I shut car down. Fifteen minutes (or so)later I started the car and had no problems like that at all, except the unpredictable there a "limp mode" on the unit and I have been driving like that for two years? other ideas?
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