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It's not that bad of a job, there are 2 simple hand tools that MB has, although I am sure there are identical tools available elsewhere. One is a very strong hook tool for putting on the bottom spring, the other is like a drift with a T handle with a slot cut into the side, that of course is for the anchoring springs. A strong light and moving the shoes back and forth will help yoiu see the slots in the backing plate where the anchor springs engage, not that tough to do those. The trick is to realize that the small spring up by the adjuster goes in from the back side of the shoes, that's a little "hint" to make you realize the small spring goes on first, from the back, then put the joined shoes into position on the backing plate, being sure the bottom of the shoes engage into the "buckle" that applies the brakes. The toughest part comes next, getting the heavy return spring onto the shoes, that's where some grit and determination come in. After I get the return spring on, I usually put on the anchor springs, then I put in the adjuster, of course making sure the adapter "cup has a little grease in it, and that it is adusted all the way in.
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