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Not The ABS

Brother of The Benz, Georgehifi,
When the brake peedle goes to the floor when first applied, but pumps up to peedle position, this indicates a faulty master cylinder.
The brake system of the immaculant 300E may never have had the brake fluid changed; resulting in accumulation of water in the brake fluid. This damages the bore of the master cylinder and allows the seal to leak past the damaged area when the pressure of the peedle is first applied.
You might try changing the fluid to see if there is crud in the bore that may be flushed out and the piston would seal again.
Have this REPAIRED before you drive any further. This could cost you your "Immaculant 300E" as well as your life and others.
A faulty brake system is nothing to ignore.
Change the fluid if you want to before going to the shop.
If you don't have a pressure bleeder, I have made available a "Don's El Cheapo" at
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!

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