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Posting my scanned gauge

Hey guys,
Has anyone ever taken some W123 gauges apart and scanned them in ? I found a guy (on here) that sells W124 gauge faces, but not W123.
I've scanned some from a 1985 300D (turbo, about to be crushed...) but the files are 1.x megs in size (I scanned them at 300dpi) I have a 120mph speedo and the combination gauge faces (no tach yet). My computer has Photoshop 6.5 so I just need to figure out which command to use...
I've already started playing with mine, once you have the graphic...its kinda fun actually =) The speedo and gauge pointers seem like they will go back on okay when the time comes.

Now I'm stuck on how to make the files smaller without losing resolution. Right now they are 1.3M .gif's - does this sound right ? I'm on diallup so sending 1.3m files around is something I'd rather avoid - BUT....


I'd be glad to send them to a single point of contact (boostnbenz ?) if he/she can post them up for all to use...

unless this is some kinda copyright violation.

Can someone help me out ?

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