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A Moment Of Thanks

1st i have to say that I've been living with no dash lights since i bought my car 3yrs ago. i've had 3 BENZ mechanics tell me that they don't know whats wrong. 1 guy said it'll cost $80 bucks per hour to figure out the problem. the other 2 said it'll be around 2 to $300 bucks. anyway i decided to search the forum and DO IT MYSELF. because of all the help from the forum members i was able to let go of my fears and take a stab at fixing my instrument cluster.
yesterday it took me 45min and just before the sun went down my dash lights came on for the 1st time (at least since i owned the car). if i was Oprah Winfrey i'd buy everyone a new car. but since MY MONEY IS FUNNY and MY CREDIT CAN'T GET IT all i can say is
thanks a million times more.
ez rider
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