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Cool Serious--do you drink Beer while working on your Diesel?

My answer would be a flat "No", because usually I rarely drink alcohol anymore, though I drank it like a fish up to 10 years ago.
However yesterday I had two Imported Beers because we had company. After they left, I went out and resumed the tedious frustrating work on my instrument panel, rewiring it after my dash fire.
After 30 minutes it all clicked and every switch and gauge came to Life! I found two crossed grounds and Black Blue wires in the rear plug connector. Boy was I thrilled. The car is finished!

Ironically sometimes with me, being a high stress worrying kind of guy, always sweating minute details, I seriously wonder if the Beer did me some good because it made me slow down and think in 1 dimension vice the usual multiple dimensions I approach problems with, and it made the mental gymnastics easier.

Would I drink beer and work on a car in the future? Probably not. Its not very professional and you could get hurt jacking some huge load up. It would probably get the neighbors upset. But if it was late some cold night and i was in my garage by myself, doing something mundane or easier, like waxing my car, well maybe...I would have a root beer...

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