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Welcome to the forum.

That vehicle has exceptionally low mileage.

A 300 SDL in excellent condition, with all accessories working, and with good paint and a decent interior would bring about $8-9K on e-bay, with the mileage as indicated. The quality of the photos and the condition of the body and the interior will determine the price.

Now, with all of the issues that you have with that one, most people will run for the hills because the cost of doing just the head at a mechanic will be over $4K.
Say the remaining items can be fixed for another $1K. A person purchasing the vehicle will need to spend $5K.

So, at best, the vehicle would sell for $4K with a cracked head.

My personal opinion is that it will sell for the amount that you indicated: $2-3K. It would require a person who can replace the head, themselves, to recognize the value of the vehicle.

If you can do the work required to bring it up to proper operating condition, then, it's worth it to do so. If not, then you must sell it as is.

Some of us here might be interested in it.

What color is the body and the interior and where are you located?

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