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I am trying to find a reputable mechanic in the area that can help me troubleshoot the problem. I agree, I can dump a ton of money into plug wires, cap and rotor and still not fix the problem. You mentioned a spark plug resistor that could be bad. Would this cause the car to miss when cold and resolve itself once the car has warmed up? Where would I find this resistor and is it something that I can test with an ohmmeter? Could this be an issue with a vacuum leak? I have been having trouble with the Climate Control Servo recently and the problem seems to coincide with the engine missing.

Appreciate all your help. I generally try to do all of my own service since I enjoy working with cars and find that the work is rewarding and (sometimes) relaxing. I have screwed up a couple of times but learned from it each time I do it and want to continue to learn. What a great hobby!
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