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Hey Guys,

Thanks for the replies, I am pretty sure that my air-con is not an aftermarket unit as everything there has some mb part numbers on them, besides, the other units that I am sourcing from the local scrappies are exactly the same as mine.

I have gotten two other switches from the yard, and none of them seem to solve my problem, thus indicating that my switch is fine. Swapped the blower fan too, but no bingo. I can't say that I am awfully ethusiastic to remove my dash to get to the resistor, as I just did a dash swap a couple of months back, so I am seeking help if anyone could tell me exactly where the resistor is and how it looks like (that is most important to me!), or any mb part numbers. The scrappies are not too happy if I were to strip their cars and I cant find what I exactly want.

Larry and toohot, it is just great to hear your replies, I would be very grateful if you could help me with some description of the resistor. (It should be some mb part with some numbers on them I think!)
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