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I've got similar problems with the Klima on the SDL. I traced it down to the compressor speed sensor. The sensor should provide a reading of .3V at idle. It provides less than .2V. It should have a resistance of 550 to 650 ohms. It has 1000 ohms.

It appears that this speed sensor is on the back of the compressor on the shaft centerline.

There is some mention made of an air gap. But, I'm thinking that it's not applicable to this unit?

Can anyone, maybe Arthur, comment on how the speed sensor would be setup on this compressor and how to remove it??


After making up the bypass ice cube relay and installing it, the problem is identical:

The compressor runs for about four minutes and shuts down. No change in symptoms.

So, the low pressure switch is ruled out, the Klima is ruled out. What else can possibly shut the compressor down and leave it shut down?

I started another thread on it. I'm at a loss.

300 SDL A/C electronic controls

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