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What is the symptoms? We can all make wrong diagnosis very often.
Even for a professional too.
Tell us first.

No different than a guy with a headache, he worked himself up so much that he thinks he had an incurable Brain tumour!

Just like one guy who bought a 560sel with a expensive interior, TV and all the jazz for a song. The PO had ran it overnight in the garage, ofcourse the engine died, PO thought the engine is totally toasted. SO he sold it for peanuts. The new owner towed it home and got it fired up. Just very simple things, valve cover gaskets etc.
So never assume things until u see it with your own eyes.

My AMC Eagle, once had a stuck thermostat, i thought the headgasket was toasted too. It was boiling like Old Faithful. My mech fnd open the rad cap and observe. He says the water didn't move and looks like is a stuck T. So we pop the T housing, lo and behold it ran like a Swiss clock after we put it back!
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