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UPDATE. After a few hours of detective work I have some good and bad news. By plugging different lines I got to the point where my trunk unlocked. With the car running and driver side window down I could do the following. Unlock the driver side door(from outside reaching in through window), the passenger side would unlock anywhere between 1 and 5 seconds. The trunk would also unlock after about 20 senconds. Passenger side seat would lock and unlock. Driver seat would take much longer to lock. I snooped around the trunk lock area and heard a leak. The blue vacume device that allows the trunk to unlock has a black rubber seal that was ruptured. I took it out and will try to find a replacement. I plugged the lines that connected to it. I noticed that the vacume valve in the driver side door leaked also. Maybe just worn. I took that out also. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I'm I on the right track? How much do these things cost? Moraine, what do you think? thanks for any help. Please forgive my inability to make a long story short. andy
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