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Two Lycoming IO-360 or
Thielert Centurion 1.7, 135hp turbocharged diesel engines
(JET fuel)
electronic fuel management
automatic prop control
low engine noise emission
low noise
MT, 3 blade constant speed propellers

Wonder if it would fit in the W123? I suspect that it has an intercooler. Can you imagine what kind of charge you could run where the air is 32dF? I imagine they are detuned to beat the band to insure reliability. It would be interesting to see a cutaway of the engine to see where all aluminum was used.

Fuel mileage during certifications:

Average combined fuel burn for the crossing, flown at 11,000 ft, was an incredible 5.74 gph (2.87 gph per engine)!
The whole story here:

diesel engined air plane
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