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Bogging and other mossy issues

In answer to benzfan, yes, WOT is completely missing except when bypassing the temp sensor, and immediately after the previously mentioned artificial exercising of the EHA. A few years ago, on a '80 Volvo 240 with the standard K-tronic, also known as CIS (which, despite the official Bosch name, really stands for Cursed Injection System) I got a load of very contaminated fuel with enough micro silt to plug the fuel distributor, enough non-petroleum additives to corrode the injectors, and enough water to ruin the fuel pump. I did a complete teardown of the fuel distributor and removed all trace of contamination. ( I know, we can't disassemble a fuel distributor, but I did it anyhow and it didn't leak afterwards, though it's not something I'd recommend doing without a spotless work area and serious patience.) The question that arises from that experience is whether or not the EHA is subject to the same types of corrosion/contamination, and if so, is it possible to clean it?
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