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Good Day

I believe I might have a blown head gasket because the car is using a lot of water and oil. I cannot find any water leaks anywhere, nor is there any drip evidence where the car has stood. The car starts easily, runs smoothly but is underpowered and puffs smoke after decell'. I have added 2 cans of 'StopsLeaks' to the radiator and a few cans of STP to the oil. Nothing has changed at all! There is no smoke during normal running or idling.

This car is not fuel injected.

I think a that removing the cylinder head might be worthwhile for both checking if the head has blown somewhere and perhaps also to change valveseals and probably overhaul the valves if indicated. The car is too old to warrant any major spends, but it is a solid, unrusted comfortable thirsty part of the family.

I would very much appreciate any comment and guidance relating to diagnosing the cause of the losses of water and oil.

Also, is replacing the head gasket within the scope of careful reasonably well equipped and experienced DIY capabilities? Should other things sensibly be done if one is tackling a head gasket? Really special tools, skills or lack of good manuals may be barriers??.

Thank you very much

Ed Cumings
(Southern Africa)
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