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Originally Posted by Eck
...Bruno's Glow Plug light doesn't come on when I turn the key to the "glow" position, and cranking does no good - so I'm thinking the glow plugs aren't getting any juice. I checked all of the fuses, fusible links etc. I could find, nothing obviously wrong.
First, welcome!

The Glow Plug (GP) light generally will not function if two or more GPs are open or burned out. However, your OM603 engine should still start with two, or more, burned out. Be sure to wait at least 15-20 seconds after turning the key for maximum glow effect of the remaining glow plugs. (I usually wait for the seatbelt buzzer to stop. ) It should then start, but might be 'lumpy and grumpy' for a while.

To test the GPs, find the relay box, driver's side, low in front of fender. Remove the plastic cap, it just snaps off.

Under the cap, you will see two connectors. Remove the six-wire connector (applies power to GP 1-6) and use a multi-meter to read resistance from chassis ground to each GP at the connector. Somewhere in the vicinity of 1.0 ohm is usually OK. Infinite is 'open' or burned out, and 0.0 is shorted, which is also bad. The connector has numbers next to each socket, make a note of which number reads 'bad' and plan to replace at least that GP or GPs. Oh, and cylinder #1 is at the front, #6 at the rear.

On the relay box is a thin strip of metal under a pair of Phillips screws. This is actually an 80A fuse strip. It is not common for this to melt, but it may have if a GP has shorted.

Good luck, and let us know what you find.

If you use the "Search" feature in the menu bar above, "Glow plugs" will net you a lot more information and reading.

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