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Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater! If you have a problem with something like this, contact MBUSA. You will get more response from them than you will by writing anyone "auf Deutschland".

Buying a Lexus or any other brand may be the answer in your particular area, but not across the board. Good service comes from the proper attitude. Some service departments have it and some don't. The BRAND of car that particular dealership happens to sell has little to do with it.

The Lexus dealer in your area MAY have a different attitude, but that doesn't mean the Lexus dealer in the next town does. The MB service department in that town may be the stand out. You pays your money and takes your chances.

In '96 I bought an E300D from one local dealer. My experience with that service department was BY FAR the worse I ever had regardless of brand. I bought my 2001 car from a different dealer in my area, Park Place Mid-Cities, and I can't say enough good things to do justice to the service I receive from them. Again it's all about the ATTITUDE.

Good luck,

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