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a BIG reply

Thanks for the opinions everyone The car still isn't sold to anyone yet

notlostmaybe - you got it right, the car was an auction item from some non profit organization. I saw KUSC (radio station?) as the previous owner.

MBeige - the 240 is structurally rust free, there is some typical surface rust in the rear floor panels where the seat and the floor meet. There is a hit that was not hammered out very well on the left rear wheel well. The body has tiny little chips 2-3 on the body where there is a specs of rust popping through. There are a lot of rock chips between the grille and the headlamps but fortunately no body rust there. The jack points and suspension is rust free. There was some acid corrosion from a leaky battery. I got rid of that battery, neutralized the acid and installed an Optima battery which doesn't leak and its been ok ever since.

as for the 300SD's body, I did pull the mats and there is no rust. The jack points have no rust either. Unfortunately the car was parked and inspected on the a busy San Diego street so I waited for cars to pass and then ran out into the street and looked underneath for 20 seconds at a time to look for rust and or on the body, frame and wheel arches. The car is a CA only car that must have been garaged because there's no way that car could have survived 26 years without serious door denting.

d.delano - I did give the car a drive on side streets in SD the freeway traffic was too backed up near Sea World so I gave it the best flooging I could on side streets and steep hills. I wish I could have had a compression test done on it. The engine is clean (wasn't able to get a photo) valve cover and IP is bright and not dulled from oxidation or splashed engine oil.
My 240D is a good working car that has everything working on it (even the A/C and all the locks ) except the windshield wipers (it works properly at only one speed) I would say and I have grown attached to it but I am only getting 22mpg out of it right now. Perhaps the blowby is getting to be too much?

iNeon - I like the W116's hence the 6.9...if I had two it would look like a 70's motorcade coming down the freeway

pj67coll - I was skeptical of the instrument cluster as well since the tach didn't work it may have been pulled at the time but the guy was chatty and so I didn't have time to really poke at everything as much as I wanted to. I didn't get a chance to remove the rear seat to check underneath. It's anyone's guess if there's rust under it but if the rest of the car is any indication then a more positive assesment might be in order short of checking it

I'd keep both but I have to sell or unload one car due to space restrictions, i guess the Miata can go first but it's my girlfriend's weekend racer

chiwanga - the records go to 1980 to 1990 and then terminate there the rest of the paper records are not present since it went to auction. That is the motivation to post here and get some personal opinions. I know low miles means nothing if it's not maintained but it would be a bonus if it really is. Besides we have ebay for dubious low mile cars.

Brian - I do like the w116, that's why the 6.9 is in the stable but the gas is painful. I wish the 300SD was offered in a manual and then that would be perfect The manual is a huge decision factor because I enjoy driving even though it's often at 5mph. The other dillemma is that I already have a w116 so I am torn over whether or not to have two of the same or stick to two different chassis. The $1500 in parts is a sticker shock issue. Would the car be worth $4k at that point once everything is running even without the mileage verification?

Hattie - yep, the rubber was getting old in places around the doors but it rarely rains around here so it's nothing that couldn't be dried up after a vigorous car washing

Greg - I know what you mean, it's also as slow as that place you speak of I nearly got run over by a truck who was passing another truck on the right in the slow lane last week as I entered the freeway onramp and I nearly soiled myself. Regardless, I still enjoy rowing the gears every day in fact it's the only think I look forward to when going to work..other than leaving work
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