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The car drifts to the left, esp. under hard braking, and drifts to the right on a straight & uncrowned road.

I had a reputable shop do a 4-wheel alignment done, and all tires rebalanced (doesn't need rotation yet), and now it really drifts to the right, and drifts to the left under hard braking.

In the course of the alignment we found out that the rear toe was woefully out of spec, but was able to return it to spec.

The front left camber could not be brought in any more positive than -1.72 degrees (previous was -1.84); right camber is at -0.95 degrees.

What can I do to fix the left camber IF there is no adjustment left?

FWIW, the brakes are 1992 500E brake, new pads & rotors approx. 4K ago.
Brake lines are 1.5-years old. Brake fluid is 6-weeks old, flushed every year.

Thanks in advance,

:-) neil
1988 360TE AMG w/1992 500E brakes
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