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I have been informed by an independent shop, that I need a new "Idle Speed Actuator" for a 1994 E420 (85K mls). This is an expensive part (quoted $850 + labor); is it possible to get a used or rebuilt part?, without compromising the mechanical integrity of the car?. The shop also told me that this is a fairly common problem, due to exposed wires, that causes the burning of the actuator, and possibly also damaging the "Control Unit". To determine if the control unit is damaged (also an expensive part approx. $800), the actuator must be replaced first. Wouldn't this be a valid claim for MB?, this is due to defective wires, similar to the matter related to defective wiring harness, previously addressed in the forum. Please let me have your comments. Thank you.


Hernan J.
1994 E420

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