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Looks like you have already ran the 6-7 tests for the Compressor Clutch Relay.

You may want to run the AC Control Unit Diagnostics. alldatadiy lists all the tests.

The compressor engagement on my car was intermitent. Then it would engage at startup but disengage shortly. Bridging pins 5 & 7, the compressor stayed engaged. Repalced the Compressor relay. Did not fix the problem. Took it to the MB dealer, that is another story! I have yet to find a satisfactory MB dealer. End result, I was overcharged and problem not fixed. I declined the $675 speed sensor repair. For that price, one can get a new compressor!

Ran my own checks, all 6 of them for the compressor relay. Ordered the ICe Cube Relay from ebay. Meanwhile, found power connector at compressor loose. Replaced connector, around $5. Everything working fine. Temperature at the vent 38F.
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