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Transmission Mount?

I've been slowly familiarizing myself with my "new" 1984 300D, and this forum by far has been the best resource in doing so. This is an interesting car, with all the usual quirks, and as I go over my list of things that need to be done, I've been prioritizing them, at this point mainly focusing on things that should be done for sure before Winter. Two that I have questions on. Forgive me if I have not searched well enough and propose something redundant.....

First, how much play should there be in the rear of the transmission? I was looking over various things under the car, and I noticed I am able to physically move the tranny/driveshaft a bit, maybe 1/4 inch if I squeeze it with one hand against the mounting bracket near the rear. The motion is definitely because the rubber mount moves. I suspect it has softened? Is that worth bumping up the list? I do have some vibraration between 30-40 mpg while accellerating.

Second, the CV joint boots need replacing. Someone actually caulked them wher they've split with silicone, and I don't have noise or vibration in the rear, so probably the axles are okay. Is that a hard job for a fairly competent DIY'er?

I'll limit this post to only two questions to not drive anyone crazy...

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