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Dimming lights

Hello again all-
Thanks to all the helpful input I have successfully installed a new ignition switch and replaced the LCD outside temp display. Unfortunately, I have a new problem, which must have been a result of my prodding an pulling this poor mercedes around:
After fixing the car i took it on a test drive. The AC did not seem to work, which is ok as i just paid to have it recharged a week ago and the mechanics said they 'could not find a leak' even though the previous owner said there was one. FINE...i'm just happy i didn't have to pay to have them replace the ignition switch.
This evening I went to the store and the car had a hard time starting. After being on the road i noticed the headlights, turn signals and instrumentation were all very dim. The car seemed to run fine, although i was sweating a bit at this point. (remember, no air conditioning). When i got home i tried to restart the little monster and the battery was dead ...would'nt even turn over twice.
I read in another posting that it could be a grounding wire; the quote from G-Benz was: "I believe there is a large bolt somewhere on the steering column that attaches the ground wiring from the dash cluster. That might be the first place to look" This does seem to make sense, as I was recently working on the steering column and the dash cluster. Right? What do you all think. Is this guy right? If so, where is this large bolt? I am so Darn determined not to bring this car to a shop!

Again, thanks so much for your input, you've saved me a LOT of $$!! (and some pride too)

"My" Mercedes is a 1986 190D 2.5.

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