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Originally Posted by LarryBible
Texas certainly has its pockets of liberalism led by "The Peoples Republic of Austin." Maybe it's because it rhymes with Boston.

I'm a country boy, but I've said many times that if I were going to live in/near a city in Texas it would be Austin. I don't know how long I would be able to stomach the liberalism there though. It's a beautiful place, but definitely the liberal leader of Texas cities.

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You'd probably do fine here Larry; there's plenty of card-carrying conservatives live in Waterloo too. Just stay north of the river and west of Mo-Pac.

I was born here and cannot wait to escape the dam*ed place. Not because of liberalisim (I'm an admitted left-winger) but because of 1) the head-in-the-sand mentality regarding traffic and expansion and 2) The self-serving political nonsense that goes on every day.

ASAP, I'm moving to the country. The politics may be exactly the same but at least you have some insulation from it all.
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