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I don't know if the computer keeps a TMU code, but if you keep all your service receipts with the dates and mileage on them, (from before the speedometer repair until the time you sell the car) you should be able to verify during resale that it is only a small difference between the "true" mileage and the indicated miles. For example, if you have all your receipts from before the problem, and they show the last service was at, for example, 30,000 miles, and you then have a receipt for a Speedo fuse replacement at 31,000 miles, (and all subsequent receipts) that would do 2 things:
1)verify to a buyer your story about the mileage
2)verify that the mileage indicated is not much different than the "real" mileage.

With this logic you should also be able to convince your dealer to clear a stored TMU code if it exists and can be cleared from the computer.

I am in the same boat - my trip odometer died, and I drove about 70 miles without a speedometer while it was being repaired. I am not too worried about the true mileage in my case, because even a 1% error in speedometer accuracy from different size tires or tire wear would have already added or subtracted 800 miles from my odometer!


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