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I just went to check out an '84 300D today, and it turned out to be a non-turbo 300D. Of course it couldn't be a cool 300D stick shift, at which point I would have bought it on the spot, but I am wondering if owning this car would be a headache in the states? What about parts? Will it be difficult to get parts for a motor that wasn't even sold in the states that year? Is that the same motor as was in the pre-'82 300d? What about the brakes? This car actually had ABS brakes! Now, how am I going to get parts for that in the US? And how would I even know if pads and calipers are the same? Are the transmissions the same? I know the modulator on top of the valve cover definitely is not the same as a US model. I know most of the car is going to be the same as a US model, but there are some peculiarities about this thing that concern me.

Any opinions from those of you who have some knowledge on such cars would be appreciated.


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