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Am I nuts? I'm thinking of trading my '90 300SE with 245K on it for a '93 BMW 740i with 75K on it. I can buy it for $13K.(Kelly BB trade in value is $12.5). I love my 300SE, but I'm driving 3K-4K a month and I'm afraid I'll wear it out within a year.

Right now, the 300SE is almost perfect. It runs and looks new, inside and out. Most of its life, it's been a road car that has been well maintained. I'm just concerned that in a year or so, It'll be past it's prime and therefore not as reliable.

I also found a '91 740i for $6K with 140K on it. It's had the tranny rebuilt and some other fairly pricey things done. If I got this one, I'd keep the 300SE, sort of as a spare.

I really have no idea if the 740 is a good car or not. Any input will be appreciated.


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