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Does anyone have the handset from a factory MB phone? All this talk about removing them got me thinking. I have a motorola startac S6965B hands free kit in my car.
The S6965 has the option for a passive handset, but so far I have passed, just for asthetic reasons. I dont want to just strap a handset somewhere. However I was thinking, how hard could it be to gut the MB handset, and just use it's casing with the motorola components.
From what I have determined, the Motorola handset simply has a open / closed switch, i.e. is the handset in the cradle, or out, a microphone, and a speaker. I may even be able to rewire the OEM handset to work with the Motorola kit, although Im skeptical of that. Im sure the OEM handset has a n open / closed switch, so it should be a matter of swapping out the microphone and speaker in the MB handset, and then wiring it up to work with the Motorola Kit. They use RJ-45 connectors on both handsets, so it should be easy to cross over the pins.
If someone is willing to part with a handset for cheap, I'd certainly be willing to try it. I understand that in my C Class, the handset mounts in the lower of the two compartments in the arm rest. Which would be out of the way, except when needed, and would provide an OEM look.

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